Selection process almost finished

Some of might already received an answer to your JOSYLEEM application. For those of you that have not, we are still waiting for answers from the host universities. You will receive your answer as soon as possible.


Second possibility to apply or a scholarship for applicants with Syrian nationality!

Some grants are still available and the Executive Agency in Brussels have amended the possibility to have a second call open for applicants with Syrian nationality to fill remaining places at undergraduate, master, Post-doc and Staff-level. Please see table below

Mobility type                            Duration (in months)                       Scholarships aviable
Undergraduate                        9 (maximum duration)                                     7
Masters                                   22 (maximum duration)                                   3
Post-Doctorate                        6 (minimum duration)                                     2
Staff                                        1 (maximum duration)                                     1

Please fill in this simplified application template that will be processed by the partnership with special care but treated with the same transparency and comparability as for normal procedures.

Send your application, duly signed and scanned by e-mail to
Your applications will be considered if completed with the following information and attachments;

1) Application with personal information (application template)
2) Record of previous studies (transcripts, diploma, etc)
3) Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent)
4) Documents that certifies earlier cooperation ( Post-doc and staff applications)

The deadline to apply is 3 March and the selection will be announced as soon as the universities have assessed and ranked the applications or no later than 1 April.

Please note that you are not eligible to apply if you have spent more than 12 months in Europe during the last 5 years with main activities such as work or studies. As a refugee with Syrian nationality already in Europe you are eligible to apply!

Update - The results from the selection will be announced during this week, at the latest on April 12th. You will receive an individual e-mail concerning the outcome of your application. 


EM2 JOSYLEEM (JOrdan SYria Linking Europe and Erasmus Mundus) is an institution-based scholarship programme organized by 20 prestigious universities in Europe, Jordan and Syria.